Last of the Summer Cocktails – Peach Iced Teani (A Cure For Post Holiday Blues)

Posted on September 20, 2011


Did I forget to mention I was going away? I’m sure I mentioned it? Whoops, well I’ve been in Croatia, Istria to be more precise. My previously milk-white skin is now the colour of a chicken that’s been in the oven for 20 minutes, my genetics don’t lend themselves to tanning. In fact every time I’ve ever thought I’d achieved a golden brown glow it’s turned out to be a thick layer of dirt well adhered to suntan lotion which fast vanishes on my return to the limescale & water pressure of Blighty. I long to be one of those demerara glistening glamazons who prance down the beach with a bond girlesque strut. But fresh off the boat, well plane more accurately, I’ll have 10 mosquito bites & plethora of bruises from wrestling my rucksack off the conveyor belt. It’s not glamorous or ladylike but more akin to an 8 year old boy combined with the elegance of a ballet dancing Heffalump. Well we can’t all be┬ádainty & I’ve never been one to let malco-ordination interfere with a good time. In my mind the universal taste of holiday is Peach Iced Tea, it doesn’t seem to matter where in the world I end up it’s a consistent factor. The joy of iced tea is that it taste great cold but it’s also palatable beach hot, which is what cemented it’s status as the ultimate all-purpose holiday beverage. I’ve created an alcoholic version to take the edge off the post holiday blues & the sad but inevitable sense that summer is gone.

Makes 4
200ml Strong brewed tea, chilled
100ml Vodka
100ml Creme de peche
8-10 Leaves of lemon verbena (Lemon balm) to garnish

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice add all the other ingredients except for the lemon verbena. Shake to high heaven then strain into a martini glass. Garnish with the lemon verbena. Serve with holiday photos, a fading tan & an unenviable amount of laundry drying painfully slowly.

NB I know what you’re thinking “I’ll use hot tea & shake it over ice, it’ll be fine”. Tried that, it wont. It ends up very watery by the time it’s actually chilled regardless of how long you brew the tea you’ll never get the same depth of flavor. Sadly the cold brew tea they sell in USA doesn’t stand up to vodka either so you just have to make tea & be patient.

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